About Us

Business Structure

TKS Co., Ltd was incorporated in the year 2012 under the Law of the Republic of Union of Myanmar with principal office at MICT Park, Yangon which is considered as the corporate Hub for growing Myanmar. Initially, with operations in ICT Trading, TKS diversified in the year 2014 and formed an ICT service arm which has successfully become the backbone of the company in last 30 months. At this stage, we are preparing ourselves to be a part of the success story of new technology entrepreneurs in Myanmar.

About TKS Co., Ltd.

  • TKS is a Myanmar based indigenous company. Its jointly run by Myanmar and Singapore based management team and hence, combine the international best practices with on-the-ground uniqueness of the Myanmar culture.
  • The team has over 8 years of experience in telecom, technology research & design, manpower management etc.
  • It has footprints covering all the regions of Myanmar as a distributor and service provider for various telecom OEMs.

The ICT service Arm was established in September 2014 with an initiative to contribute to the network Deployment and Maintenance services from RF Engineering perspective for the Telcos of Myanmar. The nature of business here is B2B where the potential clients are Network operators and OEMs.

Client Empanelment:

In the last 30 months we have been successful to form a formal and direct business engagement with the three leader of this market in OEM segment which are NOKIA, ERICSSON and HUAWEI.

  • We are listed in their main stream supplier category and so far we have proven the same with our quality delivery.

Line of Businesses


EEMC, NETIS, Leap Power, VST ECS (Thailand)


Nokia Solutions Network, Ericsson, Huawei, Ooredoo, Telenor, MPT, MYTEL, IPT Power Tech

Network Services

  • RF
  • Transmission
  • CN
  • DBM
  • Manpower consulting services
  • Managed Services
  • Network Planning and Management
  • Network Optimization
  • Benchmarking
  • Site Maintenance

RF Planning and Optimization

  • • We understand what it takes to deploy and manage a network and support our clients on various working models in the area of RF planning and optimization to meet the end client target and quality demands.
  • Some of our services are:
    • Nominal planning and RF planning
    • TSS & TSSR
    • Benchmarking
    • SSV and SSVR
    • Cluster drive test and post processing
    • Physical site audit and optimization
    • Site Tuning and cluster optimization
    • Network Audit

Consulting Services

  • To meet your needs of diversified technical experts from across globe, we bring you the best of the industry freelancing consultants in the area of RAN, CN, OSS, BSS and PMP from our database of over 1000+ profiles.
  • To help you to with efficient cost management and resource management resulting into reduces OPEX.
  • We bring you flexibility meeting quick ramp-up and ramp-down scenarios.
  • Experienced management team with global exposure to best practices and project execution.
  • Technical, regulatory and HSE compliance.
  • Able to understand, appreciate, quantify and design for emerging markets, for their unique requirements/challenges.
  • Hands on experience in handling 300+ unskilled and skilled labor in Myanmar for over 15 years. Well versed with local culture and labor requirements.
  • Thorough preparation with on-the-ground knowledge for telecom sites in Myanmar since August 2013.
  • Redundancy planning into execution strategy.
  • Motivated to execute.

Leap Power

  • TKS has partnered with Leap Power to bring power supply products and solutions, to bring their industry leading solutions to Myanmar market. www.leap-power.com
  • Best in class designs through in-house design team
    • Leap Power designs its own generators, converters, batteries and solar panels. This allows us to provide the best efficiency and lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the customers (See slide 9 for comparisons).
  • Experience
    • The company is run the founders and chief designers from Valere Power whose business was sold to Eltek.
    • Thus, the team members have an average of 22 years of telecom power experience.
    • Have already executed projects in US and Africa.
  • Dynamic
    • Leap Power Solutions, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, USA, is an emerging & dynamic venture with global reach.
  • Resourceful
    • Plano-Richardson, Texas is home to many global telecom companies and has the highest concentration of Power companies in the world allowing for the best professional resources in the power industry.
    • With contract manufacturing in US, Malaysia and China.

Compliance Management

TKS is the partner with WoWi Approval Services Ltd.(Taiwan) And 7 Layers Germany Testing Services (Germany). We developed Strategies and timeline to manage complex regulatory approval.

Key Management Team

Win Mar Aung, Chair Person: founded TKS as 100% local owned business.

Ye’ Win Aung, Managing Director: founder of TKS as 100% local owned business.